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Welcome to TalentOMind

TalentOMind is a global corporation delivering solutions in Staffing Services, Business Consulting, and IT to meet the client’s requirements. We understand your critical business needs and possess the necessary expertise to acquire the talent and provide them to the clients. We offer our services to a wide spectrum of industries, engineering, technology, finance, aerospace, healthcare, pharma, manufacturing, industrial, entertainment, BPO, KPO, and energy.

 We have developed expertise across various domains and no matter which platform our customer chooses, TalentOMind can gear up with the relevant cross-functional skills.

We have stretched the clients’ expectations by extending the consulting and staffing services. Your end solutions is our requirement reason for being! 


We carefully screen (technical skills, all personnel) to ensure that they are the specific matches for what the client needs. We leave no stone unturned to recruit the best talent in the business and assure that our client gets the best what they actually deserve to execute their projects. As they deserve the best to be best as served nothing less.

TalentOMind has been operating globally with offices across Florida USA, Mohali, and Bengaluru India region and our presence is significant with 250 + resources across geographies. TalentOMind focuses on cultivating a long-term, trust-based relationship. We take a personalized approach ensuring that skill, personality, and vision align with every role. Our focus consistently aimed at providing the highest quality experience for both employers and job seekers. We are proud to service a wide range of technology needs




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Why Choose Us

TalentOMind helps companies achieve their business objectives by skillfully leveraging their data with analytics and domain expertise. We help our clients accelerate business velocity, minimize costs, and drastically improve corporate resiliency through the application of data and analytics expertise.


Quick Delivery

Market winning businesses produce high-quality products and services, release them to market quickly, and continuously adapt solutions based on feedback and market reaction. To delight customers and satisfy market demand, effective delivery depends on lean execution, immediate response to feedback, and near-zero-defect quality.


Business Attitude

One of the principal missions of the TalentOMind Private Limited is to encourage high standards of ethical conduct in dealings with employees, clients, and competitors. Our members acknowledge that all laws and regulations compliance is in the best interests of the staffing services industry, its clients, and its employees.

20+ Years Experience

The primary reason to hire TalentOMind is for approach and dedication. We have been serving an extremely demanding market of high-profile clients, including the BirlaSoft, Krforse, top financial institutions, top media companies, and hundreds of small to mid-size companies.
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Technical Ability

Besides suggesting you the best strategies, we will also assist you in making an informed decision on the best choice of technology platform. We pick the best tools from the most cutting-edge available technology for a smooth, seamless ride through your digital roadmap.


Offshore pricing

You can save up to 25% of the total staffing recruitment cost while working with TalentOMind private limited. Time is money, and everyone is aware of the fact. The fruits of working with a staffing company like us, are visible as soon as you start working with them.

Our Team


TalentOMind is an expert team of highly networked global talent recruiters and consultants, with a decade of experience and in-depth knowledge of major industry verticals. Often Companies approach us when they are unable to find the right match to fill challenging positions for niche skills and roles through existing partners. Our challenge hungry team has helped to achieve and maintain success rate of 99% for niche level and executive positions which is highest in the recruitment industry. Our tailored recruiting solutions help our client companies to meet the staffing and manpower demands of each project. We work towards delivering the right person for your vacancy on time and with the minimum disruption to your business.

Working directly with our clients, our expert team considers the nature of their business problem, market dynamics, and the culture of their organization to bring together the right people, who in that specific context will deliver.

Specializing in digital and emerging technology we provide talent in niche areas such as ERP (SAP& Oracle), SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud), Business Intelligence & Infrastructure along other verticals.