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TalentOMind  offer a full range of employment-related services, including temporary and contract staffing, recruiting and permanent placement, outsourcing, and outplacement, and human resources consulting.

TalentOMind is also offering IT business consulting and outsourcing services. 

Client companies can and often do enlist the services of multiple employment agencies when conducting a job search. Therefore communication with your Recruiter is important. The hiring company will expect you to know and share where your resume has been presented and/or where you’ve interviewed.  No one wants to duplicate efforts.

If you forward your resume directly to the hiring company, will then no longer be able to represent you. Additionally, you will not benefit from our direct contact with the hiring company.  Your resume will be one of the hundreds that may or may not be reviewed.

Should you accept a temporary assignment, you will be required to complete various payroll and compliance forms in addition to completing a criminal/background check prior to beginning at a Client Company. 

Payroll is processed on a weekly basis and is contingent upon receipt of an "approved" Timesheet.

We encourage you to visit our Job Seekers Page to see those Roles we are presently looking to fill on behalf of our Clients.

The Client Company pays 100% of the fee.

Clients can expect to be contacted for consultation within 1 hour after requesting to be contacted online. TalentOMind can fill same-day requests as well as provide resumes and schedule interviews for positions that require a more thorough screening process by the client. We assure you that every candidate presented will be pre-qualified with regard to experience, skill-sets, and availability.

In this ever-changing economy, Contract and Temporary work is a viable and attractive transitional alternative to a Direct-Hire job. Contract and Temporary work often open doors for Direct-Hire Employment opportunities. Additionally, Job Seekers are able to maintain their professional skills while earning a pay check.

Jobs range from skilled trades to degree professionals and are available in virtually all occupations.

Any company with an HR department has people who can hire and fire employees, so why work with a third party? Couldn’t your HR department take care of finding the employees you need and hiring them?


HR professionals have to do many things other than just finding talent. Your HR department is taking care of everything from policies to harassment complaints, and everything in between. When they go through applications and find someone to hire, they’ve had to do it in between all the other tasks they already have to take care of.


At TalentoMind Recruitment team, finding talent is all we do. You have our undivided attention when it comes to understanding exactly what you are looking for in an employee. Since we help so many clients find the excellent talent they need, we can capitalize on the sheer scale of our venture – we know our prospective employees just like we know our employers, and we won’t accidentally pass by someone who would have been perfect for the job in favor of someone less perfect simply because they had a nicer looking resume or cover letter.

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